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Deforestation: Past, Present, and Future

Deforestation is the thinning or clearing of forests, and the act is generally caused by human action. It represents one of the largest issues known on the planet as human life isn’t the only one getting affected by the deed, but plant life, wildlife, whole ecosystems, and habitats as well.

Most of the thinning and clearing of vast gatherings of trees are for human use, which includes the acquisition of wood to transform into paper or furniture. However, humans aren’t the only element at fault in the case of deforestation, as there are certain instances when nature is the root of the cause. Nonetheless, the problem exists for centuries, and there might come a time when there’ll no longer be a piece of land to deforest due to the lack of trees.

Deforestation facts

History of Deforestation

Deforestation facts dictate that the conversion of forests for different purposes has been around history for centuries. Dozens of cultures clear out forests for the sole reason of having more land for infrastructure and agricultural purposes. Even though most of the areas found in the world cleared for grazing and crops represent the continuing issue of deforestation, this problem is still seen as transient. During the 1870s, about half of the eastern side of North America was deforested at least once due to the European colonization that took place since the 1600s. Even today, there are large land areas found in the same region that still have uncut forests.

Deforestation at Present Times

One of the major contributors of deforestation in modern times is the practice of “slash-and-burn” agriculture, which is also called as swidden agriculture. In this process, small-scale farmers clear out forests by burning them to the ground. However, the ashes are then used as soils and fertilizers to grow crops. However, this type of land will only bear good results for a few years, and the entire process repeats itself.

The Future of Earth Brought by Deforestation

Even though there are still large patches of land with many lush greens that are home to many wildlife, plants, and ecosystems, there might come a time wherein the human desire for more infrastructure, agricultural progress, and sustenance from various resources will bring about the world without huge gatherings of trees. It can result in nigh irreparable damage such as climate change, the extinction of numerous species, wildfires, and droughts.

Even though deforestation is a problem since the dawn of our Earth, we’re now more than intelligent enough to figure out solutions to help stop the anomaly. If we don’t do anything soon, then there’ll be no more forests for future generations to experience.

Why Humans are Diseases

Every living thing is in trouble, not only humans but the future generation and every animal that was created in this planet. Why? It is because of how other people treat Mother Nature. Humans tend to be selfish and do whatever they want. May it be because some people don’t believe in science or just because of plain stupidity. But what most people don’t want to face is that the planet is already suffering. Even animals are going extinct because of their own selfishness. The Earth is overpopulated and can’t reproduce the needs and wants of every human being. That’s is why you can call Earth an abused planet.

Save earth is a big propaganda in helping people open their eyes and see what the Earth is going through. You are expected to take care of the planet that you have been raised in, not destroy it. A lot of people are also suffering and don’t deserve to leave in a planet where almost everything is polluted. Only small percentages will likely care because of the human nature called laziness. To procrastinate will always be present, but what if tomorrow will be too late? You cannot put off saving the planet, because this planet is the only one that humans that have left. Why be lazy if you know well that there this planet needs help?

Save earth



Earth vs Overpopulation

Overpopulation will be the leading cause of the Earth’s destruction. So many humans to feed, clothe, take care, etc. but so little resources. This can only be given a solution once people also give back what they have stolen from Mother Earth. Just by simply planting trees, you are already helping in restoring the lands that was once bountiful and full of fresh air. In order to accommodate the billions of people that are currently living each day, you need to dig up natural resources and cut down trees. So simply giving back like rescuing endangered species and saving electricity is one step in achieving a more safe environment to live in.

Diseases of the Earth

Humans are the number one reason why Earth is slowly dying every second. The destruction that humans inflict on one another and to other innocent creatures is being set aside because of what you call selfishness. You don’t want to be a part of saving the Earth because you hate conflict? Think about that when the time comes that your great grandchildren won’t have any clean air to breathe.

Humans developed critical thinking and reasoning

In so many years, humans became intelligent and found ways in making life easier and less of a burden. This means that humans also found a way to exploit the Earth’s natural resources causing some sort of a meltdown and destroying the Earth’s ecosystem. In order to balance this out, there will be sacrifices made but humans wanted this. Humans want to live longer. So might as well help out, right?

Being called a disease is a big insult but when you talk about this planet? Yes. Disease is the right term. To avoid being a disease, you need to combat it by looking for a simple solution and at least help out to maintain a clean environment and not waste so many precious resources. That is truly one step in making Earth live a little longer.

Know the Immense Importance of Recycling

When we were children, we were taught by our teachers about the three important Rs – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. However, as we move up in the age brackets, we tend to forget about these three essential Rs in existence, especially if we’re going to talk about recycling. Recycling is important before, today, and in the future, especially if we want to leave this planet for the next generation, and the next, and the next one after that.

However, recycling your stuff doesn’t need to begin at a recycling plant. You can do basic recycling methods even while you’re at home. For instance, you can make use some PET bottles and make them into temporary flower pots. Still, some might ask, “Why should we recycle in the first place?” Here are some important reasons why you should start recycling your stuff right this instant.

Save earth

It Makes the Environment Clean and Neat

It’s pretty obvious for many that recycling can make the environment cleaner and neater than it was before. Imagine this – you’re passing a nearby garbage dump every day on your way to work or school, and the smell emanating from the trash pile is horrendous. With proper recycling techniques, that smelly garbage dump will soon be nothing more than an empty shell of what it used to be, and that can make a lot of people and Mother Nature very happy.

Conserve Materials

Paper comes from trees, and the more paper we use every day, the more trees get cut down. Pretty soon, there’ll be no more trees that’ll prevent us from floods or for birds to call home. When you recycle things like paper and plastic, you’re giving our environment a second chance. So instead of piling up all the things that you want to be thrown, start segregating your trash so that you’ll know what pile to give to the recycling plant.

Save Energy

When you recycle, there’s less energy consumed by power plants. The lesser the energy consumed by power plants, fewer toxic emissions gets thrown into the air. Ergo, if we start recycling today, then in time there’ll be a lot less air pollution we have to deal with. Also, recycling doesn’t just mean keeping plastic bottles and pieces of paper; we can also recycle energy by using solar panels to power our homes.

Saving earth and environment can be done one step at a time. If you need more information on how you can do your part to save Mother Nature, then you might want to head to your nearest recycling plant.

Why should we adopt Lie Detector Test?

Lie detecting can be tricky. Sometimes, by observing behavioural patterns or mannerisms of body also, it gets difficult to detect lie of the people. Hence, many companies and law governing office perform polygraph tests. A polygraph test is also known as lie detector. It is used to calculate and record many psychological factors which are caused when a person tells a lie. According to psychologists, a person who speaks a lie, have some psychological and behavioural pattern changes in the body. Few factors such as changes in blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing pattern and skin differences can be observed when a person is questioned. This is how it works and helps in uncovering the truth.

lie detector tests

What is lie detecting test?

It is believed that, when a person lies, the psychological responses can be differentiated from abnormal changes in the body. These can be associated with misleading answers and, hence they can be assessed. The polygraph tests were first invented in 1921 by a medical student John Augustus, in California. He worked along with the police officer in Berkeley Police Department in Berkeley, California. Later this polygraph test was registered as one of the most helpful and popular inventions in Encyclopaedia Britannica in 2003. Since, this test is majorly used by police department; it has been seen as the turning point of investigation.

However, the efficiency of the test is always been a topic of debate. Many scientists have considered it to be counterfeit and termed it as a pseudoscience. Some countries have applied this test in their investigation procedures. They use it as an interrogation tool against people with criminal backgrounds or suspects. Apart from the police force, this testing tool is also applied for the use of employment in certain public or private sector offices. The countries like USA, European countries, Asian countries have applied these tests in their investigative procedures. The polygraph examination is also known as psychological detection of deception. This is popularly known as a lie Detector Test.

Polygraph testing Methods for employment verification and beyond  – Does it really work?

Polygraph testing has been designed to scrutinize physiological or functional response of the people. There are certain computerized evaluation methods, due to which any psychological factor is calculated. The validity of the test is often questioned regarding the relevant and irrelevant testing method. It is often not considered as an ideal testing method. The polygraph testing is the control question method. The investigators of FBI have used it time and again for questioning the suspects and completing the investigations.Polygraph test has been known to be done with the combination of medical devices. When a person is questioned about any certain event or incidents and corresponding changes in the body pattern is calculated.

Polygraph 101

Lie detector test has emerged as a sought – after tool among crime investigators. Its use has also evolved as it has encompassed certain industries.  Employers also resort to the use of polygraphs to conduct background check to probable applicants. In some cases, it is used to uncover deceitful acts, particularly infidelity issues.

Polygraph test, more than the pen and the chart associated with it, is capable of giving you a 96% accuracy in detecting lies, four percent short of making it as the most dreaded tool of professional liars. These estimated accuracy, however, to have courts agree to its admission in court proceedings. This should not, however be the source of dismay over the matter. There is more to the polygraph than the courts’ vehement refusal to admit it. But what really is a Lie detector test?

What Lies Beneath?

The term polygraph literally means “many writings”. The earliest version of the polygraph test traces its beginning in China and India, when grains of rice are used suspected liars in a “spitting method”. The polygraph operates on the assumption that the veracity of what a person says causes psychophysiological changes. These changes are manifested by the body in ways that can be detected by the polygraph. This very foundation of polygraphs points to its essential function in detecting deception from responses to an array of questions, which are structured but do not conform to standardized norms.

lie detector test

Polygraph Unboxed

The polygraph is an instrument that is composed of a physiological recorder. This recorder is composed of adhesive electrodes, sensory pads, and tubes that go around the chest and abdominal area. The recorder is part of the computerized recording systems that measure certain changes in heart rate, blood pressure, sweating patterns, and skin conductivity. The rubber tubes serve as electronic sensors that monitor and record the activity of the organs of respiratory system. The adhesive electrodes are attached to the fingers to record the activity of the sweat gland. The polygraph comes with a recording instrument and questioning techniques.

Pretest Routine

Prior to the polygraph test proper, there are pretest routines or warm up procedure that the subject is undergoes. In the pretest stage, the examiner explains to the subject what the whole procedure is all about and orients the subject with the questions that will be asked later. It is in this stage where the examiner familiarizes the subject with the questions. In most cases, there is the “simulation test”, which is intended to showcase the ability of the instrument to detect deception.

There really are a lot of things that you are supposed to know about the polygraph test. The invention of this instrument is a boon to humankind. It may not have been accorded with a 100% accuracy in detecting deception, but it has somehow complimented the inability of human beings to tell if someone is telling a fib. However, the regulation of the use of polygraphs should also be given an utmost consideration. Polygraphs may be used as a tool for deception as well. Who could detect, then?