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Aha Bhojunambu food show is rocking on Aha platform

Telugu cinema is known for its high quality and high production values. This can also be attributed to the fact that they have had a considerable influence on world cinema. Telugu movies are famous for their humour and family-centric story line with a lot of twists that keep the audience glued to their seats till the end.


This attribute has been passed on to its content-focused web series and talk shows too. 


Take the case of Bhojanambu – a food-oriented talk show on Aha Video. The centre of attraction is the host of the show, actor-producer Lakshmi Manchu. 


Every episode features her talking to celeb guests and taking on the mantle of a chef to prepare lip-smacking delicacies from across India. The show sees various celebs landing on the show and cooking yummy dishes from various cuisine types. In the process, they get to bond together with the host over the food being prepared. 


The concept of the talk show

Aha OTT is known for its versatility of content on the platform. It gives every type of viewer something to watch and enjoy. Staying on the lines of its superhit talk shows like Sam Jam and No.1 Yaari, the channel has seen the massive potential of celeb-hosted shows where the central theme was bonding over conversations. 


It is no wonder that they came up with the format of this show on the same lines, and hence we see the birth of Aha Bhojanambu. 


How is the talk show faring?

The show has received rave reviews and got much love from different sections of the audience who tune in to Aha to watch celebs cook their favourite meal. 


Many celebrities like Prakash Raj and Rana Daggubatti have graced the show, and many more celebs are expected to turn up in the upcoming episodes. The talk show seeks to revive the nostalgic essence behind every food preparation that is held dear by the celeb contestants.


This bend of celebs, cuisines, and conversations is a fairly new one. But looking at its tremendous response, the show is definitely a hit among the Aha viewers. The mix of food challenges and thrilling moments during food preparation makes it a must-watch for food and entertainment fans. 


To tie up the proceedings together in a seamless way, the host, Lakshmi Manchu, too, seems to be enjoying her stint as a host on the show and is central to the smooth proceedings of the show for every single episode. 


To conclude

The world of Telugu entertainment has moved to a new level of content. This is achieved with the help of new technology and the specific approach used in the Telugu entertainment industry. This talk show, Aha Bhojanambu, is a step that strengthens this affirmation.

All You Need to Know About the Founder Ted Farnsworth

Ted Farnsworth is a financial investor, businessperson, and cash breaker as Co-founder of ZASH Global Media and Entertainment, Former chairmen of Moviepass and author and administrator of MoviePass Films, Farnsworth is known as a pioneer who changed the entertainment world forever. This was established in 2011 and acquired prominence inside a year. In 2021, MoviePass was named one of the 25 Most Disruptive Apps of 2012 and was additionally a part of The Best of Everything in 2012 by Business Insider.

In 2018 he turned into the principle proprietor of Emmett Furla Oasis Films, trailed by the development of the Fortress Entertainment Group. He has worked with probably the greatest names in business, most as of late Al Pacino, John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis.

In 2020 Farnsworth reported three-film financing deals Fortress Entertainment Group and Damascus Road Productions. The initial three movies focused on films from World War II and the Holocaust. In 2021, the narrative Zash Studio Chicago America’s Hidden War was named for an Oscar for best narrative. ZASH Studios is an auxiliary of ZASH Global Media and Entertainment.


Ted Farnsworth has procured an 80% greater part stake in a contending application on TikTok, the Singapore-based video stage Lomotif. Farnsworth joined with Musical.ly fire up financial backer Jaeson Ma and Triller board part Vincent Butta in securing for their sake Vinco Ventures, Inc and ZASH Global Media and Entertainment Corporation. Together they will take more than 80% of the greater part stake in Lomotif.

moviepass chairman

What is Lomotif?

Lomotif is a video and social platform like TikTok that permits clients to share short music recordings. Since from beginning of 2014, more than 350 million recordings have been made on the application consistently, and 9 billion recordings have been made and set on the application. The application is growing in popularity in Asia, Europe and South America and has developed by more than 600% over the most recent two years.

This application has more than 120 million lifetime designers and 160 million viewers lifetime on iOS and Android. As a component of the acquisition, the organizer and CEO of Lomotif, Paul Young, will keep on driving the organization. The application has had more than 225 million downloads worldwide.

Farnsworth is most popular for serving as the director of Moviepass on perhaps the most tremendous hiking and entertainment stories of recent years. He is the CEO of New York-based holding organization HelPos and Matheson Analytics Inc., which failed in January 2020.


Ted Farnsworth is a founder and chairperson of movie pass. He is a financial investor, businessperson, and co-founder of Zesh media and entertainment. Now he’s attempting to take up tiktok, which permits users to create short music videos recordings. It has gained huge popularity in recent years

Good Performance by Lead Characters

Indian Movies have always been a vital source of entertainment for film lovers. The Film Industry has given us all shades of films that one entertainment lover can expect. Lately, due to Covid-19, people were facing a tough time getting in touch with the new content. But, the online OTT platform allowed them to watch Indian movies online hassle-free. At the comfort of your home and your convenience, you can watch movies anytime around the clock.

Lately, the trend of watching mysterious movies online is at the forefront. The south Indian movies, especially Telugu movies, seem to take the lead here. One Telugu movie has become quite popular among the audience. The majority of the audience hasn’t watched the film, and the movie’s name is “Midnight Murders.”

It is to believe that the movie contains all spices that one ideal Telugu movie is supposed to have. Midhun Manuel Thomas has directed the film. The cast of the movie is KunchakoBoban, SrinathBasi, SharafYuddin, Jeenu Joseph. Anthony Perumbavoor produces the movie. The movie’s story is all about identifying a mysterious person who randomly kills police officers at midnight.

Kunchako is acting as a Psychologist in the police department under the character of Anwar Hussain. Looks-wise, KunchackoBoban is acceptable and intrigues with his effective presentation all through the film. Notably, his acting in a couple of crucial examination scenes and during the peak carries a great deal of profundity to the unfurls’ show.

The entertainer who played the primary rival’s job is very acceptable and gives a persuading execution. How the homicides are exhibited has been given an intriguing portrayal.

The entertainer who attempted the woman official’s job intrigues with her acting, adequately depicting numerous measurements. Noted entertainer Pooja Ramachandran likewise does a critical job in a persuading way. 

Technical Point of View: 

Director of the movie Midhun Manuel Thomas’ concept of making a wrongdoing thrill ride dependent on police murders is acceptable. Yet, he ought to have invested more energy recorded as a hard copy of a superior screenplay.

The cinematography by Shyju Khalid is brilliant. He mainly splendidly exhibits the night shots.

Music by SushinShyam is well-suited for the film’s substance, and his drawing in foundation score raises every one of the key scenes. Altering by SaijuSreedharan is well-suited. Creation esteems for this restricted spending film are nice.


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Understand the benefits of watching movies online

For years, people have been watching movies in theaters. Now it has become much easier to watch movies on various channels, such as television, projectors, and the internet, thanks to technological advancements.

Many websites on the internet allow you to watch your favorite 123movies streaming. In this article, we’ll examine what are the benefits you have when watching movies online rather than in a theatre.


People watch movies online mostly for the sake of convenience. You can watch your favorite movies whenever you want thanks to online streaming services. There are no limitations in terms of time. You won’t have to wait for long periods to purchase food or tickets. Furthermore, there is no need to go to the movies. This will help you save a lot of time.

You can select from thousands of movies on the internet and click/tap on the one you want. Whatever you need is right in your hands.


You can save a lot of money by watching movies online. For instance, You have don’t need to pay for transportation and movie tickets because you can download or stream any movie for free.

You can get some snacks from the refrigerator and relax on your sofa. There’s no need to spend money on high-priced snacks. In other words, you don’t have to pay anything to watch your favorite movies online.

watch 123movies

You can invest your saved money into other essential purchases. It is one of the main benefits that why people prefer online movies.

Freedom to watch

When watching movies in a theatre, you must adhere to several rules. They can ask you to leave the theatre. There is a lot of flexibility to enjoy when watching your favorite movies online.

You can play, pause, stop, or rewind at any time. No one will stop you from pausing or delaying it. You have the option to rewind the video as many times as you want. It will be more helpful when you miss watching the favorite scene.

You can also shout and laugh as much as you want. As a result, you feel totally at ease, as though you were in your own house. You also have the choice of having someone sit beside you. You may also invite your friends to watch the movie with you. Nobody is preventing you from doing so.

In summary, these are the benefits of watching 123movies streaming online from the comfort of your own home. There are some good websites to use if you want to watch movies online. As a result, you should want to try this platform.

Sinclair to rebrand Fox regional sports networks

Online Fax Broadcast

Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. and Bally’s Corp. introduced the brand new logos for 19 regional sports programs on Wednesday before a significant rebrand slated to occur in the forthcoming months.

The unveiling of this newest logos and monikers that will replace the existing Fox Sports branding comes following Hunt Valley-based Sinclair inked a naming rights deal to get its regional sports programs, or even RSNS casino operator Bally’s Corp. in November. The rollout of these logos marks the initial step from the 10-year venture, which will cover Sinclair a reported $85 million.

Produced in concert with Interbrand, Bally’s advertising consultancy team, the all-new Bally Sports emblem features the iconic red bally script beneath a reddish”sport” typography. The Bally Sports emblem design also functions as the basis for its RSN logos by positioning the worldwide emblem over a dominant red banner using the corresponding geographical title overlaid in white.

“We are very pleased to unveil the Bally Sports emblem as it indicates a new, transformative chapter from your regional athletics industry and is representative of our cohesive partnership with Bally’s,” said Steve Rosenberg, president of neighborhood sports in Sinclair, in a declaration. “The forthcoming rebrand throughout our RSN footprint is extremely exciting, not just for our whole portfolio, but also for loyal sports fans throughout the nation.”

About Bally’s Corp

Included in this rebrand, two Sinclair RSNs which never took the Fox Sports brand will transition into new geographical monikers if Prime Ticket becomes Bally Sports SoCal and Sports Time Ohio becomes Bally Sports Great Lakes. The transfer is part of the attempt to further align the areas with their authentic geographic roots as well as also the new Bally’s partnership, according to a news release.

Furthermore, Sinclair Broadcast Group will close down two part-time stations, Fox Sports Carolinas and Fox Sports Tennessee. Nashville Predators hockey matches will proceed to Bally Sports South. Carolina Hurricanes baseball matches and Charlotte Hornets NBA matches will air on Fox Sports Southeast.

The partnership with Bally’s is a part of an attempt by Sinclair to drive earnings growth through solutions linked to legalized sports gambling. CEO Chris Ripley has talked repeatedly on the opportunities offered by sports gambling since Sinclair obtained the Fox regional sports programs in the Walt Disney Co. for about $10.6 billion in 2019. He previously advised the Business Journal that he also saw a “massive opportunity to rebrand” the networks using a spouse searching for more exposure.

Why Is The Sinclair Broadcast Group Is Popular?

Radio broadcasters look forward to continuous improvement to attract more listeners. They hire excellent employees that make sure to keep the listeners engaged and entertain them from time to time without forgetting to give important information. Radio stations are still important and have many listeners who listen to their channels devotedly. It is an excellent place to receive updates on the latest news and also get a chance to ask questions and receive solid answers. Many celebrities are invited over to radio stations to give a special message or to simply entertain the listeners. One of the most famous broadcast groups is the Sinclair Broadcast Group that constantly improves itself for the comfort of its audience.

What makes a good radio broadcast group


A good broadcast group always seeks to give its best to the audience. One of the most important features of a radio station is the audio system. It is indispensable for a radio station to have a good audio system for a better hearing experience for its listeners. People will want to visit the channels of a particular broadcast group if they love the content and can hear it well. It should be clear and pleasing to the ears. It is important because since one cannot see what’s in front of them, being able to hear properly will help them visualize the moment in their head in a better way. There should be certain standards for the sound system of a radio station, and they should be able to improvise every year. Delivering quality content with great audio will attract more listeners, which, in turn, will increase the popularity of the broadcast group. The Sinclair Broadcast Group updates its audio system frequently and makes sure to have the latest model. This is one of the reasons why the broadcast group is so popular.


Improvising the audio system will also help build more digital radio stations that will be in-built in cars and have various forms of entertainment in them. Since everything is going digital, it is only wise for radio stations to start updating and improvising themselves too. This will be another step ahead of a technical and digital world. Various software updates have been introduced that help build good audio systems. This makes it easier for the broadcast groups. They can now focus on the other areas as well.

Enjoy More By Watching More Kind Of Movies During Your Relaxation Period

Not everyone having the same taste, the choices will vary according to the interest of the individuals. But in a commonplace, the options provided for the people will not be the desired one for everyone at that place. So in a theatre the movie shows scheduled for a particular time will not be preferred by all. It may be a horror, fantasy, action, or romantic film. So people who prefer to watch the show presented in the theatre at the time they visit only enjoy the movie. To satisfy the requirement of people having different interest and opinion at the same time, different kind of entertaining movies is updated in the online sites. So whatever your option be, you can watch the desired type of movie at free of cost in 123movies.

online movie watching

By relaxing in the comfort zone in your home you can watch a good quality of the film in 123movies during your relaxing time. With the help of technology, you could get access to watch more and many entertaining shows from the preferred place and time. As the online sites are useful to watch the program you like in good quality with the beloved people and in the desired spot, there are more fans and supporters are existing for online movie watching sites. If you could enjoy greatly the leisure time with your friends and family by watching a different kind of amusing programs as you like, then make use of it to spend your free time exclusively with the people you like without paying money for it. You can enjoy more by watching different kinds of movies made with various entertaining concepts during your holidays. Without any annoying disturbances, paying for each movie, and getting ready to visit the movie hall, you can watch the latest and trending movies on your gadget using the internet.

Here’s how content rights affect streaming services

Travelers often get an error message while accessing a bookmarked show abroad. The message simply means the streaming platform has not acquired content rights for the specific region. Thankfully, there are options like 123movies for audiences. However, let’s take a brief look at some of the most crucial factors that stop streaming platforms from making content available.

Licensing game 

Content licensing is the key reason behind the difference in every video-streaming platform’s catalog available in each country. Film producers and studios own the rights for their content, and most of them sell them on a region or country-wise basis for recovering their investments. Their strategy is simple; they can get more money if they share licenses amongst different providers worldwide. On the other hand, streaming platforms and TV channels try to acquire worldwide broadcasting, streaming, and distribution licenses as a bundle at discounted rates.

Networks do not want shows to be available online

Several small networks do not release their shows on video streaming sites and apps. Some networks prefer keeping control of their content and release a selected number of episodes online for a short period. For example, American networks like Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC use the same strategy for their shows.

Allowing streaming platforms to stream content means more audience for the show. However, that’s also like cutting off the potential advertising revenue the network can earn by telecasting the content on TV. Thus, both channel and show producers prefer airing the show on TV first and then selling them to streaming platforms.

streaming platforms

Rather than signing deals before the launch of the show, companies prefer to wait and watch. If the show becomes popular on TV, they can demand higher licensing fees from streaming platforms in exchange for global rights.

Licensing agreements have a shorter timeframe. So, at times, you may find that a show you watched six months back on the platform is not available anymore. Even Netflix and Amazon Prime Video often update their catalog and add or delete some titles every quarter.

Producers of older shows are willing to offer rights at cheaper rates, but not everyone. Thus, Netflix can manage to get Star Trek’s seasons, but not Seinfeld or The Simpsons globally. To make matters worse, streaming platforms need to renegotiate these costs each time after the license time frame expiry.

Other options available for viewers

As some films and shows are unavailable on streaming platforms, viewers can watch them on YouTube, sites like 123movies, or Daily Motion. These platforms offer a superb collection of movies and TV shows for free.

Choose best school for children

As we all know, the kids are to be treated always special and their needs are completely different from the elder ones. They should be provided with better atmosphere in order to shape their future in a better way. Many people tend to have a wrong assumption that education is the only thing to be provided for the kids. But it is to be noted that there are many things beyond it. The kids should be taken to outdoor campaigns and they should be provided with all the opportunities through which they can explore the world to a greater extent.

Special schools

Many people think that they must provide a best school for their children which is completely curriculum based. But this is not the fact. The kids should be trained in a natural atmosphere. Obviously this kind of education will provide better standardized education for the children. This kind of education system can retain the interest of the kids and will help them to focus on their studies in a better. Obviously the kids will also gain practical knowledge on the things which they tend to learn. Hence the parents should take the responsibility and must help their child to find a best place for their schooling. They must make sure that the schools should be capable of providing more fun activities for kids which is also related to their curriculum. They can check out the school’s website in order to know about the educational standards and activities which they tend to formulate for the kids.