Parties, indoors or out, translate to fun, laughter, good food and heaps of other jovial things. But where does that leave you, the one who needs to organize and be in complete control?

 Fret not, consider the following tips to have your share of a great time.


The perfect party theme for your intended guests can make a great deal of difference in terms of its success. In addition, having a cohesive theme will make planning considerably easier. Your menu, decor, entertainment, and favors will all be in accordance with the chosen theme.

Invites to inform

Invitations, whether paper or online, should include not only the shindig’s time and place but also what to wear and expect at the party so you don’t end up with guests in designer gowns and stilettos coming to your barn dance.

Give give-aways

Everyone loves a freebie. Your guests will appreciate having a little party favor to bring home and remember the occasion by.


The way you decorate the venue will dictate the feel of your function. This part should be fun, just don’t get too carried away.

What’s for dinner?

Plan your menu way ahead of time to make sure all your guests will not go home hungry. The kind of food served will also have to complement your theme.

Prepare Your Venue

Even the most elaborate decorations cannot hide a dirty and cluttered backyard.

Seat Number

Always have extra seats available in case there are unexpected guests. You may put them in a discreet place until it’s time to pull them out.

American TentLight up the outdoors

Lights are a necessity to guide and keep your guests safe from minor accidents. They could also be used to create an atmosphere in keeping with your theme.

Prepare for extreme weather conditions

Unpredictable weather conditions require that you ensure your guests comfort by having

heating or cooling equipment on hand.

Plan B

An outdoor party may be tons of fun but there is always even the slightest chance of rain or strong wind. Having a couple of tents on stand-by is the best resort in situations such as these. Better yet, make the most out of them by utilizing them either to house the buffet table or decorate them to become one with the theme. Think circus or festival tent where artists and performers can showcase their talents. Tents are extremely utilitarian and can be designed any which way to suit your purpose.