Emerging science and technology helping to discover new devices and digital devices since all the activities become digital. In recent times because of the technological revolution, almost all people are having a smartphone in their hands. Those smartphones are having a lot of facilities to access. That too growth of several social media platforms attracting may use that digital device and in fact, most the people are being addictive to the device which is not suitable for future generations. But, unfortunately, the discovery of this kind of digital deviceopens new markets in the business world hence it is difficult to control the usage of the devices. But if the concern is decided then control usage of devices can be achieved and will avoid the drawbacks. Fine in anything there are two sides will be existed and now we will focus only on the positive side. Smartphone usage is more than more and more applications and packages will be created and will be put forward for public use.

thesoul publishing

In those, the social media platforms are in the front row where almost all the people will be utilized at least any one of the social media platforms. It is well known that there are a vast number of social media platforms are existed on the web and the most popular media are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., All these social media’s primary function is to provide entertainment to the common people through different video contents. All these entertaining video content is attracting the common people hence making video content becomes hot and many have started to produce and deliver those.

Of all those services, thesoul publishing company is also one. It creates different channels under one roof to provide the services to the common people. What channels are running under this? Here is the list. La LaLife, Avocado Couple, 5-Minute Crafts, Slick Slime Sam, and Teen-Z are some of the notable channels under thesoul publishing company. The 5-Minute Crafts is the channel that provided huge success to the company by retaining the top spot all the time. Actually, the channel is focusing the contents on simple and informative activities explained in 5 minutes. Because of its quality content and also the short duration attracts the people and drags the channel to the success path. Also, the company is updating itself with the technology hence it can easily move to the top position through new ventures emerging