5-Minute Crafts is the only contemporary video that captures our postmodern existence more than any other (5MC). The YouTube channel and Facebook page are most known for generating short video compilations of life hacks with titles like Brilliant hacks and crafts for your home that you will want to attempt right away. This channel is operated by TheSoul Publishing.
Although this description may appear innocuous, viewers will shortly discover that these hacks are, at best, an inspiration for greater DIY efforts, and, at worst, completely insane.
But, as weird and impractical as these videos are, I can’t help but watch them all the way through. I am fully and utterly enthralled by the insanity of 5MC’s DIY transformations, as are their 90 million Facebook fans and 69 million YouTube subscribers.

The channel

Believe it or not, 5MC videos are not created by aliens attempting to imitate human occupations and interests. The channel is operated by TheSoul Publishing, a Cyprus-based studio that produces around 500 original films per month. The quantity-over-quality strategy works well with social media algorithms, since 5MC is currently the fifth most-subscribed channel on YouTube. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the staff at TheSoul keeps coming up with wilder and crazier DIY projects all of their practical ideas.

TheSoul Publishing

The video clips

The majority of 5MC videos feature a point-of-view shot from the perspective of the anonymous life-hacker. This concept is frequently connected with cuisine channels such as Tasty and beauty stations such as MetDaan. I would wager that the appeal of this format on social media stems from the sense of personal productivity elicited by simply watching the video. You may be dozing off during a class and scrolling through Facebook, but at the very least you are learning how to create a lamp out of ping pong balls!