With the crisis increasingly pressing, tens of thousands of desperate people have poured into door-to-door selling, looking for some form of income. This has led to a dramatic increase in competition and, today more than ever, it has become of fundamental importance to know the right door-to-door sales techniques by Smart Circle.

Knocking on people’s door to sell something is not an easy job, because of the many “NO” received, which dismantle your morale and reset your self-esteem. Therefore, only those who are truly prepared to face the profession correctly can sell and not be annihilated.

In fact, selling door-to-door is very different from, for example, in-store sales techniques , as it is not you who go to the customer, but it is the person interested in that product who comes to you.

Many people are practicing sales incorrectly , or are making outright scams. Precisely for this reason, the market has deteriorated significantly. In fact, people are very skeptical and prejudiced and think throughout the whole negotiation that you are going to give them a can.

Lately, as I have already mentioned, the situation has drastically worsened due to many people who do not know how to sell. In fact, these bad salespeople bust the boxes at all hours, go from house to house like grasshoppers and irritate potential customers contacted, with the (illusory) belief that their pathetic door-to-door sales techniques will work.

If you do this job, you may have heard phrases like these: “I don’t care and I don’t want to save” . This may sound shocking to you, but it is understandable behavior.

People are now sending sellers “to that country”, because they are constantly harassed by new offers from electricity and gas service operators. In this way, even if the proposal could be interesting, potential customers are sure not to make mistakes and protect their interests to avoid making mistakes.