Protects Original Paint

The truck wrap is made of vinyl. This durable material is approximately 3 ml thick. Thus, it can serve as a protective shield over your vehicle’s original paint. It can protect it from weathering brought about by constant exposure to the elements such as the sun. Although experts advise parking in a shaded area or better yet a garage to minimize fading. Accidental scratches or dents don’t go directly to truck’s paint but onto the wrap instead. Additionally, removing the wrap won’t damage your car paint.

Easy to Maintain

In contrast to paint, truck wraps are also easier to maintain. So, if you’re not a fan of waxing then you’ll appreciate how easy it is to care for a wrap. Indeed, all you’ll need is soap and water. It’s as simple as that. Although, do take note this done manually. You don’t want to risk peeling edges with a power wash. At the most, your installer might recommend the occasional use of a detail spray or ceramic coating package on the film. These products would help make cleaning even more easier. The typical lifespan of a truck wrap is between four to ten years.

truck wraps

Endless Design Options

Painting is often the go to option if you want to add interest to your vehicle. However, the outcome it offers isn’t as dynamic. You can only choose one color. At best, you can add a highlight. Interestingly, you can get as colorful as you want with a truck wrap. As a result, people will surely take notice of your truck when it passes them along the road. Best of all, changing the design after a couple of years won’t be as costly as a paint job.

Retain Resale Value

Every truck owner knows the value of keeping the original paint color intact. Changing it can bring down the resale value of the vehicle considerably. It might even be a reason for a potential buyer to turn it down regardless of whether the truck is in top condition. To keep this from happening, opt for a truck wrap to give you the look you want without affecting the vehicle’s value.