One of the most important items on your list to keep your Nissan Sunny looking good and shiny is keeping the exterior clean and tidy. Your car will attract dirt, sand, dust, and grime found in the driveway. Dirt and dust will scratch the paint on a Nissan Sunny if you try to clean it with a cloth. Enable the original car duster or some other similar cleaning product. These dusters draw dirt out of the car, not along the paint. You don’t need a spray or any other major cleaning to remove dirt.

The next most important step is to wash your used nissan in sherman oaks. Use a mild soap like bubble bath or dish soap. You should use a soft brush or cloth. If you find the bug splatter is not easy to remove, consider using a product like an insecticidal juice remover. Mixing “Simple Green” with water in a one-to-one ratio is very effective in removing trapped insects from the windshield and bodywork. Then spray it on and let it act for a few minutes before rinsing it off under running water. There are many bug killers on the market. Choose a sponge bristle brush that is flexible and contains lots of water. The bristles should easily release the dirt into the water rather than rubbing it against the paint surface.

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After doing that, there are several ways to dry a Nissan Sunny. You can use a leaf blower or an air hose. This process causes the water to dissolve, so the surface of the coating is not cleaned or scratched. This process also removes water droplets that cover lights, mirrors, etc. Or, you can clean the car with a microfiber towel. They won’t scratch the surface of the paint, but you won’t be able to get into the corners and small crevices where water droplets can hide.

Previously, your car was rinsed and dried. Now is the time to polish and wax. Polishing is what will make your car shine and sparkle, as the wax will take care of the shine around it. Enamel is used before waxing. Free polishing is preferred. It will seal minor dents or dents. Make sure the car is dry and cool to the touch. For best results, follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying the product.