Most times we get stranded on the road when our cars breaks down but we can always avoid such issues by regular servicing of our cars. Car servicing is something we must not fail to do. The importance of constant servicing of cars has no limit. One thing is to service our cars and another thing is taking the car to a trusted auto repair and service facility. With increase in auto repair and service facilities, we need to take our time and find out certified auto repair and service centres who also have certified team of workers—mechanics ,technicians and others. When you fail to do this, you are likely to see your car getting issues and this can lead to negative issues such as frustration, accident, spending much on repair etc.

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Don’t wait till your car finally breaks down, take it to R & B auto repair and service facility in Fontana, United States of America for quality and experience servicingfrom our experiencedmechanics who are highly recommended and are also certified. Getting your car serviced at this auto centre gives you many benefits because of the AAA approved service given to us. We service all car models like trucks, SUVs, and brands such as the Nissan, BMW, Cadillac, Kia, to mention but a few. This car service in Fontana is unique. Our long history for over 30 years of car servicing is a enough to tell you we know what we are doing. R & B auto repair and service centre gives you the necessary knowledge you need to know about your car. Don’t take your car to any roadside service facility, bring it to us. We have been inspected and thoroughly checked and found worthy to render great car service in Fontana. The cost attached to our car servicing is affordable and the service itself is classic.


As an experienced and AAA certified auto repair and service centre, we service different parts of the car, which include:

  • AC and car heating.
  • Belts and hoses.
  • Car Radiator.
  • Car battery.
  • Car Engine light.
  • Muffler and emission.
  • Car tyres.
  • And others.

We do not just start servicing your car when you drive it into our facility, we give you the cost estimate for the service for you to verifysoas to give us an approval to start doing what we know best.