A regular car servicing is suggested to maintain the car for smooth operation. It is very essential to ensure that it operates as it ought to be. Driving a car without any oil change or lower fluid can cause severe harm to the engine. Avoiding car service can result in deterioration of car performance. This eventually can result in strange noises, issues in the vehicle hindering its operation and other problems. All these issues can be curbed with a Destin Car Service.

Advantages of changing old tyres to new tyres with Destin car service

The life span of tyres is assessed by handling of the driver, weather, road conditions and other wear and tear factors. There is no fixed time as to how long the life of a tyre can be. A regular car service such as specification, alignment, suspension, air pressure and uneven tyre tread can lengthen the lifespan of the tyres.

When its about 5 years or crossed 40,000 km, the tyre condition has to be checked by a professional. Actually, tyres last over 7 years but its better to replace old tyres with new ones and utilize the old tyres as spares.

How Your Tyre gets harmed?

The primary cause of tyre damage is based on abrupt breaking, the driving and driving on uneven roads.

The tyre size should be appropriate for your car’s wheel rim or else it will ruin the entire wheel system and result in uneven tyre wear and tear.

Weather alterations can impact the condition of your tyre because of variation in rainy and summer season.

With sharp objects on the road, speed bumps and hurdles, the tyres can get harmed.

Keep a check on the air pressure on a long drive according to the manufacturer’s manual or else, it wears out quickly.

new tyres right for your car

Advantagesof New Tyres:


Changing old tyres with the new ones offers great potential for the car to accelerate high when on highways. Not only that, it offers good grip to cease and turn. There is no fear of skidding tyres or hesitating to turn a little quick during days of rain. New tyres give a good hold on the drive.


The performance of the tyre is dependant on the designs of the tread and also on the quality of the tyres. Based on the kind of car such as Sedan, Hatchback or SUV, tyres have to be changed. Depending on the climatic conditions too, it may be needed to get better performance. Better performance is obtained with better grip on the road with good tyres.

Better Mileage

Wear and tear of the tyre unevenly results in vibration and wobbling of tyres that can impact the mileage in a big way. New tyres will give a comfortable drive and do not wear out right away. This will enhance the mileage of the vehicle and does not pressurize the tyres.

Better Driving

Driving a car should be comfortable to keep you in good spirits. New tyres have strong design and tread making your travel or ride better andsmoother. They are even less noisy as compared to the worn out ones.

At Destin Car Service, changing the old tyres comes with a reasonable cost and is doneby professional mechanics. They will assess the wear and tear and replace the suitable new tyres right for your car.