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Author: Solomon

I’m Haroald Solomon, a sports writer, who writes for children. I started writing when I was 15 years old. I was selling news magazines and I would read the adventure stories and I thought how wonderful it would be to write stories. Writing for children is really my niche and interest. I started writing on sports that made it possible for me to meet new people with certain stories.


Before starting any kind of business it is important to have proper knowledge and idea about the different kinds of business which will help you in deciding what type of business you can start as per your choice, capability and preference. A business may be organized in different ways for financial and taxation purposes.

PARTNERSHIP- It is that form or type of business where two, three or more individuals are involved in managing the business. The partners run the business together and every partner may divide the work between them. In general partnership the partners divide the responsibilities, profit, loss, etc. as per their agreement. In a partnership business it becomes easy to raise the capital as there is more than one investor. It is also easy to form such type of business but great amount of time must be invested in it. In such kind of business disputes and conflicts keep taking places because the partners make the decisions together


SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP- It is a simple form of business organization. It is very much suitable for the start up business and the owner can dissolve the business any point of the time. In this kind of business there is only one owner who is fully responsible and in charge to run and operate the business on his or her own terms and conditions. Here the owners makes all the decisions and controls the overall operations. All profits and losses are bear by the owners, but it also becomes difficult to raise the capital. The sole proprietor has the unlimited liability.

CORPORATION- It is the limited liability firm where the business is owned by different shareholders and is managed by board of directors that are appointed and elected by the shareholders. The shareholders get their profits from the dividend of the stocks and they are free from any kind of the company’s debt. It can easily raise additional amount or fund by selling their stock. The share holders can also transfer their ownership without any issues.

LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY-In a limited liability company the members of the organization or the company are not responsible for the debts and liabilities of the company. The limited liability company can get dissolve if the company or any member is declared bankrupt or if a member dies. The limited liability company has the same characteristic of the partnership firm, sole proprietor firm and that of a corporation.

Importance of Education in Our Society

In our modern and complex industrialized societies, education has a pronounced social importance. People tend to utilize it as a mechanism for reaching a personal mark or particular target, after which they don’t bother to seek higher education. Even so, the importance of education in society is consistent and compulsory, which is why knowledge and society cannot be disconnected.

The importance of education cannot be underrated as it forms an essential part of our lives in following ways:

Education is self-empowerment

A good education empowers you from within, thus making you strong and confident to look after yourself in any hard or easy situation. It helps to understand your surroundings and rules and regulations of the society you’re living in. Education provides you with the right to question authority for their discrepancies and negligence. It also helps you to understand yourself, your hidden talent, potential, and qualities so that you can sharp your transferrable skills.

Importance of Education

Financial stability and dignity of life

Education is also important to gain enough qualification so that you can get appropriate employment at an upcoming stage. A satisfactory employment is very important to get a hard-earned salary through which you can take care of your daily expenses. When you start earning, you will realize the true worth of money. Employment gives you the new sense of worth that grows within you, and then you will realize the need to be independent and free from any other financial support. It will make you feel proud in the fact that you’re earning for yourself and are not required to anyone.

Growth in personal desire

There also comes a period when you realize that the amount you’re presently earning is not sufficient because your expectations and desire from yourself would have grown greatly. This will make you think to switch your job with a higher profile. So here, you need to be prepared, because changing a job needs higher academic qualification which allows you to gather enough practical experience.

On the job efficiency

The employers always prefer a highly qualified candidate in spite of a not so educated candidate. This is why a college education is very important after completing your school education. The employers are familiar with the fact that, a highly qualified candidate will not need much investment in terms of money and time; the organization need not have to make them learn the tricks of the trade and function of a task. People with higher education are improving their knowledge and profile continuously.

Helps plan ahead

The people who have gathered enough education helps in the development of their country. These peoples act as the backbone of the society by becoming teachers, inventors, soldiers, teachers, politicians, and welfare activists. Without this intelligent people, the social and economic framework would crumble and fall.

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop

Studying regularly gives people of all age groups something challenging and substantial to do. Education has to be purely academic and should include reading or passion for art, literature, economics, philosophy, scientific research, or even politics.

The people who treat education as a trash lead themselves towards unnecessary rebellion, drug addiction, and crime activity. In short, a reputed standing and good proportion life in society are only possible with the sparkling light of knowledge.

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a common causal factor for cardio-vascular illnesses. High blood pressure is the key cause of strokes and heart attacks. High blood pressure is the force of blood which pushes against the artery walls. When the force is high, it is known as high blood pressure. High blood pressure can damage the walls of your arteries, just in the way the too much water can damage the pipe or hose it is rushing through.

High blood pressure can be measured as systolic anddiastolic. Both are represented in numbers. The first, which is systolic is normally higher than the diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure represents the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats and lets the blood in. The rate at which the heart pumps the blood. Diastolic pressure is when the heart rests between beats.

High Blood Pressure

Normal reading of blood pressure is at 120/80. Any variation on the higher side indicates high blood pressure. For instance, a reading of 160/90 indicates high blood pressure. Blood pressure varies after activity, for instance, exercising. This is quite normal and until the heart beats normalize, the pressure remains high. However, if the blood pressure remains high and does not return to normal, then medical treatment is required. Apart from a stroke continuously high blood pressure can damage the arterial walls, other organs, such as kidneys, eyes, and brain damage. Those who have readings of 180/120 need immediate medical attention or treatment. This is known as malignant hypertension.

High blood pressure or hypertension is referred to as ‘the silent killer’. If left untreated it can lead to heart attacks or long term fatal organ damage, such as kidney failure. It can lead to breathlessness and suffocation.


High blood pressure can be caused by excessive salt. Other factors include obesity; stress; less quantities of essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium or calcium; diabetes; and chronic alcohol consumption. These are direct contributors and causes of hypertension.

Hypertension can also be caused by kidney disease. Tumours and hormonal disorders can also cause high blood pressure. Birth control medication; pregnancy medication and medicines which constrict blood vessels; dietary supplements that contain estrogen are said to cause high blood pressure.


Treatment of high blood pressure can be bother preventative and curative. It involves medication and changes in diet and lifestyle. Preventative measures include a healthy diet; exercise and quitting smoking and alcohol and reducing salt intake.  Curative measures include medicines which work as blockers, inhibitors,anddiuretics among others.

Decorating Ideas to Help You Expand Living Room Space

Your living room is the first room that your guests will see when they come to visit your home, and space sets the impression for how your guests feel about your living style. It’s also a place for relaxing with your friends and family. The design of your living room reflects about the rest of your home.

It’s expensive when you plan to remodel it and make it physically larger in space. There are many ways that are easy to implement and also in your budget.

Below are the ways that you’ll find easy-to-do to make the living room modern with creative ideas to decorate it.

Floor is the one thing that should be primarily focused

Floor is the one thing that should be primarily focused

When it comes to making any area look larger, the floor is one of the most impact spaces. It takes a significant amount of space and to expand the room size, you can use flooring material, such as carpet or wood and adjoining the room with other rooms. If you’ll create a design in a flow, it would make the area look larger than earlier.

Your furniture also helps in expanding the area, so use cabinets, tables, and sofas with legs that’ll not cover the area rather it’ll fade the floor under them.

Walls are the biggest advantage you can take

While remodeling your house, without construction crew, you can’t alter the wall’s location. But if you’ll use the room décor, the room will appear to be bigger. Because, using room décor, the height of walls seems to be increased and if you’ll want to accomplish the floor-length curtains, close to the ceiling, using bookshelves will force the guests to look up on the walls.

Arrange the uninterrupted flow of traffic

If the movement is uninterrupted, it signifies that space is larger. So if you’ll arrange the furniture in a proper way that lets you move with ease from one place to another in your living room, it means that you’ve utilized the area perfectly.

By determining the way how someone enters the room and where they’ll go first will let you easily decide and arrange the traffic flow in the room. Suppose they’ll move to sofa first, then you need to arrange your furniture such that they can move toward it without any obstruction.

Also, make sure to leave enough space to move to perform certain tasks like opening or closing windows, light switches, moving to the room connected to the living room.

To add reflection of light, use mirror

Mirror is the best to reflect light and if you use them in living room, the area will appear to be bigger due to reflection. Prefer to use them in front of the attractive décor such as flowers that would please the eye and reflect its beauty.

Try not to use mirrors on complete walls as it’ll look retro and make the interior unattractive. Instead, you can go for the mirrored frames that would look attractive and unique.

Make a point, the center of attraction

Make a point, the center of attraction

Accentuate a point of focus by adding an attractive piece of painting, frame, or modern furniture. This would let your guests look at it and they’ll not think about the room size anymore. You can also add an antique accessory or a traditional piece at the focal point that would work as the center of attraction.

Follow the above ideas, design it well

The living room of your house is the only room that has more than one function as it’s used as play room, dining room, and an office too. So you need to put some extra efforts to make it comfortable, attractive, and harmonious. By the above-mentioned ideas, you can decorate it well when you plan to remodel it.

Strategies to Increase Engagement through Content

Undoubtedly, the fundamentals of demand generation have been completely changed because of the inbound marketing. The strategy used to attract users through content on search engine optimization, social media that took over the complete world of B2B marketing. The cost of inbound marketing is 61 percent less than the traditional way of advertising and generates around 54% more leads as compared to outbound marketing.

Usually, your customers don’t want to get targeted with annoying advertisements, instead, they love to read the content that has the quality to engage, educate and entertain.

Presently, a number of companies are investing more in marketing through content and focusing on providing the relevant and useful content to buyers. Now, every content marketing team publishes its content and makes it reach from blog posts, webinars, newsletter, eBooks and more.

But now, just creating more content isn’t sufficient. In order to get more reads on your content, you need to define your brand’s uniqueness.

Strategies to Increase Engagement through Content

There are some rules and strategies that you need to follow for promoting your content.

It’s possible that around 80 percent of your time you just spent in creating your content, while the remaining 20 percent in promoting it. But now the formula has changed, and according to the new formula, you need to spend around 20 percent of your time in creating your content. While 80 percent in promoting it to increase engagement. Below are some ways to market your content that would lead to increase in engagement.

  • Promoting the content on your website: You no longer need to hide the whitepapers and confine your resources. Make them visible and promote them across your entire website; since they deserve to get promoted.

If a visitor is browsing your website, and if you’re providing all the information in your content, chances are that they’re interested in getting knowledge and in gaining more knowledge. This would improve the user’s experience and increases the conversions.

Use your email signatures for your content promotion: It’s been recorded through an analysis that people sends around 121 emails on an average in a day. If your employees will promote the content in their signatures under your email, the visibility of your content will increase and you can take benefits of this channel, which is under-utilized.

• Pin your content to your twitter profile: If you want to increase the visibility of the content, pinning a tweet to your Twitter profile is one of the ways to do so. If you pin a tweet, it’ll be visible on your profile page by default, no matter when you pinned it. You’ll get a huge amount of traffic on your post, and in fact, if one of the twitter cards is pinned by Buffer, you’ll get 10x as many conversions.

Also, you can use Twitter Analytics to check how many people are engaged with your post and profile. It usually shows the results in a 28 day period.

• Use retargeting the ads: There are marketers who are working on retargeting campaigns in which they are trying to re-engage the visitors, who previously visited their websites. They try to take them back to their website, to complete an action like requesting a demo or a free trial. Using the retargeting of ads is one of the effective ways; since you’re investing in the leads that are qualified leads you’re getting from those who’re interested in taking.

Making your content unique and stand out is harder in this competitive landscape of B2B marketing. Trying the above strategies will help you promoting your content on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other and you’ll get the desired results.