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I’m Haroald Solomon, a sports writer, who writes for children. I started writing when I was 15 years old. I was selling news magazines and I would read the adventure stories and I thought how wonderful it would be to write stories. Writing for children is really my niche and interest. I started writing on sports that made it possible for me to meet new people with certain stories.

Hookah Pipes: An Overview 

The word hookah derived from the Urdu term huqqa is basically an instrument used for vaporizing and smoking flavoured tobacco. It consists of one or more hoses for smoking and a bowl to hold the tobacco. The origin of the instrument has been debatable as some historians feel that the invention was done in the Mughal era during Akbar’s rule. While others feel that the origin could be traced back to Sfavid dynasty of Persia. Cigarettes and hookahs both are used to smoke tobacco but there is a difference between the two. Unlike cigarettes the tobacco used in the hookah pipes is a damp blend of fresh tobacco leaves with molasses or honey along with fruit pulp. Sometimes semi dried fruits are also used.

Types of Hookahs

Anodized Aluminium: They are characterized by the bright colours that they are manufactured in as the other hookahs have the colour of the metal they are made from. These types of hookah pipes are not of very high quality and are generally known to corrode and break easily.

Egyptian Hookah: Made from stainless steel, brass or copper these are more of the traditional versions of the hookahs. These are usually handmade and are characterized by their tall and slender stems.

Syrian Hookahs: These are mainly characterized by their thin stem and upward angled hose port. What makes it different from the Egyptian counterpart is the solid brass ornamentation.  The stem made from cast and hand tooled brass is the most prominent feature and is long lasting.

Modern Hookahs: Unlike their traditional counter parts the modern hookahs are manufactured in various shapes, sizes and styles. These are easy to set up and are low on maintenance.

How a Hookah Works?

The jar at the bottom is filled with water to the level it submerges the body tube a little. Next at the top of the hookah there is a bowl which is filled with tobacco blend. The bowl is then covered with a silver foil and burning charcoals are placed on top which causes the tobacco to heat up and smoke. Now when the person sucks through the hose the smoke travels down steam into the water filled jar below. Eventually the smoke rises up the water in the vase towards the hose port opening travelling through the hose into the mouth.

Sometimes if the hookah has been lit and smoked but the user does not inhale the smoke then it is said to be stale. In such a case the vapour is not smoked but exhausted through the release valve.

Buy a good hookah with good quality and materials even it is slightly more than your price to get the benefits than issues in making it repair. Here are some things to keep in mind while selecting a best hookah for smoking.


How to Repair and Upgrade Sash Windows

Most deformities you’re probably going to experience with sash and case windows will be clear on close visual review. Timber rot is one issue that is less simple to spot. In the event that you presume rot, e.g. a spoiled windowsill, test the timber with a penknife. Sound timber will oppose the sharp edge.

A mustyodor inside the weight box signals the presence of dampness, and the potential for timber rot. Open weight box pocket piece covers to check for this and to analyze the state of weights and guarantee that the container is free of debris.

Repairing sash windows

Most sash and case windows can be promptly repaired. It’s typically conceivable to re-establish even the most rundown windows.

Most old sash windows London were produced using exceedingly durable heartwood timber of a quality that is currently hard to find. It makes sense to keep and repair unique wood, as opposed to replacing it wholesale with new wood, which might be more inclined to rot.

It’s far-fetched that you would do repairs to windows yourself. Be that as it may, you ought to assess the window precisely before employing a joiner. This will help you agree to the work required and the amount it will cost.

Repairing, improving or adding shutters

Shutting inner screens and heavy curtains can inconceivably decrease heat loss from sash windows London.

Wooden window shades were frequently installed nearsash windows and helped enhance security and the energy and effectiveness of a conventional building. Shades have dropped out of fashion in later years, in any case, and many have been fixed or evacuated.

Shutter repairs and improvements

Assignments may include:

  • Liberatingshutters fixed in their boxes by years of over-painting – utilize a craft blade to deliberately cut through paint at shutter edges
  • Liberatingshuttersfixed to their housing – tenderly unscrew or gradually pull back any screws or nails fitted the past
  • Settling slight movement that has prompted shutters getting tight and rubbing – realign hinges somewhat or delicately plane the shutter edges
  • Realigning shutters that no more line up properly where they meet – unscrew shutters from their housing to get to the influenced hinges
  • Treatment of dry decay –simply after you have first found and managed the source of dampness
  • Filling cracks or splits in shutter boards – utilize wood filler for little splits and bits of wood for more extensive splits, and after that sand smooth

Shutter reinstatement

You may wish to put resources into specially designed replacement shutters, where the original shuttersdon’t exist. A talented joiner ought to have the capacity to make and put in new shades to supplement the individual style and period of the house.

How to paint a Sash Window

A new layer of paint lights up a room and expands the value of your home when it’s available and makes it a place to be while you’re living in it. Windows particularly advantage from new paint, as dampness, bright beams and ordinary use break down the old coat. The best strategy for painting a sash window is to work from the external sash – the piece of the window that is on the outside side – to the inward sash, the piece of the window that is on the inside side of the room. To guarantee great paint adhesion and legitimate curing, paint the window on a dry, quiet day when temperatures are at or more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Preparing the surface

  • Press the low-tack painter’s tape immovably against the glass along all edges. The tape will shield the glass from paint should your brush falter.
  • Press wood putty into any openings or breaks in the wood with a putty cut. Smooth away any overabundance and enable the putty to dry.
  • Sand the wood with 150-grit sandpaper. Tidy off the garbage and wipe the wood with a tack rag or damp cloth. Guarantee that all sanding dust and debris is totally expelled or the paint won’t cling to the wood. Permit to dry.

Painting the sash window

  • Open the sash windows so the inward sash is raised totally and the external sash is brought down completely with the exception of an inch or two.
  • Apply the paint to the external sash’s level muntins to start with, if your window has these. On the off chance that your window does not have muntins, apply the paint to the external sash’s base flat rail. Position the brush so that the broadest end confronts you and the thin, limited side of the brush skims along the muntins or sash. Move gradually one way, guaranteeing an even globule of paint that covers the surface of the sash. Try not to move the brush one way and after that move another, as this prevents an even coat and makes unattractive lap marks.
  • Apply a similar painting strategy when painting the outside sides of the window; even muntins, vertical muntins, sash base rail and top rail, and at that point sash stiles.


  • Abstain from painting in direct sun light.
  • On the off chance that any tape buildup adheres to the glass after expulsion, tenderly rub the glass with a utility knife blade situated at a 45 degree point. Spritz a little measure of window cleaner on the paint to avoid scratches as you rub.
  • On the off chance that tape is excessively troublesome, making it impossible to apply in tight corners, utilize a wide blade, metal putty knife as a shield to shield the glass from the paint.

Traditional vs. Modern Hookah – Tips to buying a hookah pipe

Smoking a hookah today has become the latest trend to consume tobacco by many globally. In the recent years there has been a gradual shift from smoking cigarettes to hookahs and the reasons can be many. Unlike traditional cigarettes smoking hookah pipes has become a style statement. Since these come in variety of shapes, sizes and colours, they enhance the smoking experience.

Traditional forms had the people restricted to smoking simple tobacco, but the advent of hookahs gave them choice of flavours as well. There are countless flavours like chocolate, mint, aniseeds, cherry and many more that are available to choose from. People can also customize the blends as per their choice. Due to the design functionality the hookah pipes allow users to inhale smoke which is cooler than the traditional cigarettes. Therefore the lungs are much relaxed and there is no burning sensation.

Cigarettes are known to contain many carcinogenic compounds like lead and arsenic. Unlike these hookahs contain more herbal and natural ingredients. Apart from this since hookahs use water as the filtration system less potentially harmful chemicals are inhaled unlike cigarettes.

Factors to buy a hookah

Before buying a hookah there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration like the origin, materials, and height and hose options. For a novice choosing the perfect hookah might be a daunting task, but with a few tips and tricks the purchase can be made easy.

Origin: Decide if you would purchase a modern or a traditional hookah as both have different look and design. The traditional forms are known to come from countries like Egypt, Syria, Turkey and many Middle Eastern countries. The modern ones are known to be mostly manufactured in countries like China. If you are more of a design and aesthetics lover then the traditional hookahs are the one for you. Else easy functionality is what you look for then buy the modern ones as they are light and easy to handle.

Material: Over the years people have preferred hookah pipes made of solid brass as they not only look aesthetically rich but also are long lasting. The only problem is they require regular maintenance. The modern hookahs use stainless steel or a combination of stainless steel and brass. To avoid corrosion some of them electro plate the interior and exterior.

Height: Depending upon the usage the height of the hookah should be chosen. If you wish to take it outdoor for camping choose a shorter one but if you intend to use it home then the taller ones are perfect. As these can be easily placed on the floor and enjoyed.

Multiple Hose Options: The more the number of hoses the more difficult it becomes to handle. Hence choose one with a limited hose options like one or two.

Consider the above parameters for making informed purchase decision.



Owning a cool pair of headphones is the new fad among teens and the youth. It’s just on your ear or around the neck; it’s become a style statement of sorts. With new flashy colours of neon, bright eye popping hues to choose from, you would sure be spoilt for choice. It’s not only cool to own a pair but it has a lot of usages too. You could wear it any time anywhere without disturbing anyone, when you are listening to your kind of music, for fun things such as podcasts, eBooks, etc. It’s so fun to have them during the most boring jobs such travelling to your workplace, workouts, waiting to catch a flight etc.ironhorsetrading.net

Types of headsets

The headphones come in a variety of shapes, sizes and also prices. Various brands have their variations and price ranges to cater to a lot of people in the spectrum of income and affordable. Though headphones are long term gadgets, people love to buy new stuff, because of trends and the new features that each new headphone may contain.

Many headsets come with an inbuilt mike to enable dual function of listening and speaking. The buttons are attached inside of the headphones for you to know when you get your calls and track other things right from your headphones or the device it is attached to.

Phaiser Headphones

The headphones now come with a Bluetooth options so it can be connected to any of your device right by connecting via Bluetooth option. This makes it a hot new favourite for youngsters who love new things and get bored so easily. The headphones with so many options will make them undetectable to the gadget.

The most common features that you can find

  • It is sweat proof, which is has been given as a guarantee for a certain period of time by the companies.
  • The magnetic casing of the headphones will make it easy to find and no fear of losing.
  • It is light weight and comfortable to the ear and the area covering the head too.
  • It has a secure fit and no chance of falling off when bending, exercising etc.
  • A good HD sound, which is very important aspect for types of headset.

Whether you want open backed or closed backed. The open backed headphones are helpful indoor setting whereas closed back headphones are good for the outdoor settings particularly when there is a lot of noise involved, you can isolate the surrounding sound and hear what you want.

The best part is that they are rigorously tested, so you get the best and enjoy it more and get your money’s worth. It’s a piece to own whatever age you may be, headphones bring back nostalgia of the Walkman days to now and happiness of today.

Why choose Phaiser as a Headsets or Headphones?

A pair of headphone is an essential accessory for any gadget that you may have. Phaiser, a brand that started in 2014, is a popular for the best headphones for workout. And when you work out, you need a headphone that has good performance of sound but that does not mean you compromise on durability and the comfort of the headphones while being away from your body and letting you work out is the right headphone one must be looking at. And Phaiser gets the right technology with all these facilities. To check more features of each model click here.

Why Phaiser?

Thanks to the technology, Phaiser gets to you easy and comfortable to wear piece headphones during workouts. At the same time, there is no compromise on the sound quality or any other technology part. Phaiser has a variety of ear pieces that go over the ear which ensure quality and comfort, so good that you will love using for hours at the gym for the simple reason that the sound is clear and they are comfortable to wear.

Phaiser headphones

Features of Phaiser headphones:

Phaiser headphones are in the ear headphones that are a sure choice for comfort that stay away from you as you work out and they do not come in the way. Hence they can be worn for hours. Some other features included are:

  1. Sound: Sound is the first thing that a good piece of headphone should have. All the models of these headphones come with excellent sound that is very clear. The headphones are in the ear and hence a good choice. The quality of sound is different for different models and they either have noise cancellation or noise isolation technology.
  2. Ear buds: Different models have different types of ear buds. But they fit in the ear very comfortably and stay in place.Phaiser guarantees the quality of earbuds for life time too. They fit so flexibly that they suit the runners, while you work out at the gym and others too.
    They come with a secure fit that do not move and there are no wires that hinder your performance while you work out.
  3. Light weight: Pick any model and everyone is made light weight that can be worn comfortably on the head or over your neck for a long time. They are very sleek and simple yet they have cutting edge technology.

4. Access buttons: Though these headphones are light and simple; their technology is so good that you have many buttons in each headphone like volume button, checking the battery, built in microphone, noise cancellation/noise isolation, controls to switch it off/on and Bluetooth is another feature that makes them even more comfortable. All this and they look so stylish. Some even are water resistant that means sweat gets absorbed while you workout. Some models allow you to make calls too.

5 Ways to Help Your New Pet Feel Comfortable At Home

Are you planning to adopt a new pet? Do you think it’s time to add a furry friend to your family? Then you must know certain guidelines about adopting and caring for your pet. Every cat or dog that you bring home will obviously take a day or two to get used to you and their new surroundings. They might feel reclusive, isolated from their mother or friends, and will be frightened in their new house. The situation might get even more severe, if you already have a bossy pet at home and bring in a new one.

Having a new pet at home is a learning process for both you and your pet because you’re learning to live with each other as one family.  Make sure you take the necessary measures to help and make your new furry or feline friend feel comfortable with you and their new home. Here are a few things you can do, while bringing a new pet to your home:

pet feel comfortable

  1. Your pets might badly require some space

New pet at home deserves your utmost attention; at the same time, they might also want to take rest or get some lone time to explore their surroundings. If you’re adopting an infant or new born pet, then they would definitely need a lot of sleep breaks and healthy food. Make sure you don’t tire them in the process of exciting them about their new home. It’s better to give them some space of their own to calm down and get used to the new place.

  1. Give them a structured lifestyle

When in a new place, any pet will look out for who their family is and would like to explore every new thing around them. Cats, especially, crave your attention and expect you to start playing with them or try to explore the new place. When it comes to dogs, they expect some routine, rules, and boundaries. You should start following a routine in giving them food, set a timeline for their play, take them out for regular walks, and start teaching them to follow rules and instructions. When you’re consistent with your training, your pets’ will easily fit into the routine and make good progress.

  1. Are you giving them the right stuffs?

Every pet will need their own food and water bowls, toys, regular attention, and a cozy place to rest. If you’re about to bring your pet home, start setting up their basic amenities before you bring them in. Buy a water and food bowl, some good grade pet food, litter tray, pet treats, clean a small area for him to rest, and more. Arrange these pet amenities in your house and then bring them home. Cats might need a lot of toys, cozy beddings, and good attention. Make sure you give your pets enough attentions and their basic amenities.

  1. Introduce them to their new family

Your pet wouldn’t know anyone in your house, so start letting everyone play around with him while giving him some time to rest. Your family members can give small treats to your pets, or everyone can take their turn to feed and play with your pet. If there’s already a pet make sure they develop good terms with the new pet and help avoid any fights between them. While introducing a new pet to the older ones, try scent swapping, like rubbing a towel on the new pet and letting your older one get used to their scent.

Always remember that pets aren’t perfect. Set only realistic expectations and understand that any transition will take some time. Above all, love them and help them be a part of your family.

Why You Should Consider Adopting A Pet

Pets offer humans many benefits, far too many to mention them all. These benefits cannot be received by other sources, so if you feel there is something missing in your life, a pet may be a good option for you. When it comes to getting a new pet, you will need to decide between adoptions anda pet store purchase. If you are unfamiliar with animal adoption services, you may want to consider doing a bit of research on the topic. While many people are more interested in a specific breed, age or color, others are just interested in a reliable and loving pet. Below, you will discover more information about pet adoption and why this is the best option for you.

Saving A Life

When people take an animal to the humane society, they do not give much thought about the animal’s welfare. Many older animals are euthanized, even though they may have a few good years left in them.

According to the Humane Society, “2.7 million adoptable animals are euthanized in the United States each year.”

These poor animals find themselves at animal shelters around the world with nowhere else to turn. If you are willing to accept an animal of a mixed breed and a bit older, you should definitely consider adoption. When you prefer dog feeders for your pet, it shows most effective way and care towards them.

When you adopt an animal from an animal shelter, you are saving a life. These animals turn out to be even more loyal than any animal purchased for a pet store, because they have experienced life in the most inhumane way.

dog feeders

Less Expensive

Purchasing an animal from a breeder or pet shop will come with a hefty price. In fact, you could spend anywhere from $500 to $3,000 or more from a full breed dog. Cats are most often cheaper, but a full breed feline could cost you anywhere from $100 to $500, give or take a few dollars.

When you adopt a pet from your local animal shelter, you will not have to spend more than $150 in most cases. The price will cover the cost of vaccinations, neutering or spaying, deworming and adoption fees. Dogs are more expensive than cats, but only by a few dollars. Just because you are paying less for an animal, does not mean that you will not receive a quality, healthy and loving pet.

Unlimited Available Options

Most cities and states will have many different humane shelters set up in convenient locations. If you do not find an animal of your liking at one of the shelters, you will have the option of visiting the other shelters. During your shopping adventure, you will find a pet that draws your attention and pulls on your heartstrings. You can also request the receptionists or shelter worker to contact the other shelters to see what types of animals they have available for adoption.

Today, many of these facilities have websites that include images of the pets that are available for adoption. Here, you will also find information about each pet, costs and how to go about adopting a pet.

The great benefit of adopting a pet from an animal shelter is they often offer a wide array of breeds, ages, colors and even some mixed breeds. Just because the animal is a mixed breed, does not mean that it is any less intelligent than a full breed animal. In fact, many of these animals are some of the smartest animals alive, making you one proud parent.

Fighting Puppy Mills

Many puppies that originate from puppy mills end up in an animal shelter. Puppy mills are breeding facilities that operate like a factory. When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you are fighting these facilities and hopefully one day they will be put out of business.

Starting a Business in 2017 Made Easy

It’s an American dream for most people to start a business, however, it remains as a dream for most people. It might come as no surprise to pursue a business that interests a person rather than the one that doesn’t interest them. Almost every business was started in a small space, like garage space, which was transformed into big firms with years of hard work and smart work.
Most business starts with brainstorming ideas, especially, when it’s a new business which has little or no competition. Be choosy about the different ideas and narrow down the list might seem like a better idea rather than trying every idea one might come across. Oftentimes, it might not be an out of the box idea, it can just be an existing idea that can be done better than the other competitors.

One must make sure to find answers for every how’s and what’s to increase the company’s growth and potential difficulties. Sometimes, the new entrepreneurs tend to miss out on maintaining the funds to sustain their business, which might make them borrow money. Almost everything is interconnected while starting a business, a single move can affect one’s business to a great extent.
It might be a great deal to consider having a lawyer to determine the legal business structure and decide on the obligations, proprietorship, and other crucial criteria. A lot of people prefer separating personal liabilities from company’s liabilities to avoid any complication in the later stage if there is any business loss or debts.

Starting a business might be a popular wish list for most people, here are some ideas that can help budding entrepreneurs to kick start their business

The business entity must be registered with the government to be officially recognized by clients and other business entities. It’s a mandate in most states to register the company with the business name, corporate structure, business purpose, stock details, and crucial company information. The IRS might need an employer identification number (EIN) to run a business.
Stay updated with recent technological advancements, a solid set of technological tools can go a long way to ease the work and increase the company’s productivity. A powerful business laptop might be the basic thing for most business, consider adding some heavy-tech tools depending on the need and usefulness. Sometimes, even the smartphone or tablets might just get the job done with ease.

Purchasing insurance policy might just slip most entrepreneurs, while it might just be a life savior when dealing with property damage, client lawsuit, or theft. Insurance policies make sure the company is well-protected when a crisis arises, which is quite often in most business scenarios, especially, in startup companies.
It’s not a one-man show with most business organizations; most experienced entrepreneurs will prefer having a third-party vendor and suggest the same for budding entrepreneurs. At most care should be taken while choosing a B2B partner, as they will have access to the potential sensitive and vital business data. A case study with of the B2B partner and their clients will help in the choice of business partners.

A good company is not just made by the CEO, it requires a lot of like-minded employees who strive for the company’s growth. A lot of companies have a lot of success stories when they concentrate on the “people” part of it, like one would do for their products. Most people have the idea of stop working for someone and start a business on their own but fail to realize the responsibility that comes with it.


Before starting any kind of business it is important to have proper knowledge and idea about the different kinds of business which will help you in deciding what type of business you can start as per your choice, capability and preference. A business may be organized in different ways for financial and taxation purposes.

PARTNERSHIP- It is that form or type of business where two, three or more individuals are involved in managing the business. The partners run the business together and every partner may divide the work between them. In general partnership the partners divide the responsibilities, profit, loss, etc. as per their agreement. In a partnership business it becomes easy to raise the capital as there is more than one investor. It is also easy to form such type of business but great amount of time must be invested in it. In such kind of business disputes and conflicts keep taking places because the partners make the decisions together


SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP- It is a simple form of business organization. It is very much suitable for the start up business and the owner can dissolve the business any point of the time. In this kind of business there is only one owner who is fully responsible and in charge to run and operate the business on his or her own terms and conditions. Here the owners makes all the decisions and controls the overall operations. All profits and losses are bear by the owners, but it also becomes difficult to raise the capital. The sole proprietor has the unlimited liability.

CORPORATION- It is the limited liability firm where the business is owned by different shareholders and is managed by board of directors that are appointed and elected by the shareholders. The shareholders get their profits from the dividend of the stocks and they are free from any kind of the company’s debt. It can easily raise additional amount or fund by selling their stock. The share holders can also transfer their ownership without any issues.

LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY-In a limited liability company the members of the organization or the company are not responsible for the debts and liabilities of the company. The limited liability company can get dissolve if the company or any member is declared bankrupt or if a member dies. The limited liability company has the same characteristic of the partnership firm, sole proprietor firm and that of a corporation.