A well-toned body is every woman’s dream. You can wear whatever you like and still look ravishing if you maintain your body well. However, not many women know what they should concentrate on when it comes to workouts. The body shapes of women can be broadly categorized into pear, straight, curvy, and athletic. You need to make sure that you follow a workout regime that helps you meet the requirements of your shape.

Losing weight is not a very pleasant thing for many because it will be difficult to cut out the food you eat every day. On top of that you will have to spend some time in the gym or at home working out so that you can get in shape. A lot of people give up within just a few days because of lack of motivation to keep going no matter what difficulties they have to face. This is why you need to use a fitness app like Sweat With Kyla. To read Sweat With Kyla Review visit bikinibodyguides.com website.

perfectly balanced body shape


If you have a pear shaped body, you will have a wider bottom part and your top part will be a little smaller than your bottom part. Women who come under this category find it challenging to tone their arms and shoulders. These women usually have great butts that will need less exercise but you will have to focus on the upper part of your body while making a workout plan. Lift-off lunge, hundred on the ball, mermaid, boat curl and press, triangle lat raise, dip and knee raise are a few exercises that you must do.


If you have a straight body, you need to work on getting a bit curvy. You need to add muscles whereas necessary so that your straight body will not look stick straight. Women who have a straight body usually don’t get muscles on the sides of the hip a lot. Instead, they get a potbelly which is something similar to that in men. If you have such a body type, you need to work on your stomach area to pull in the muscles.


If you’re curvy, your busts and hips are bigger than your waist. This is the perfectly balanced body shape everyone seeks to have. However, people who are curvy will require putting a little extra effort in the overall toning of their body muscles.


If you’re under this category, you will have broad shoulders and narrow hips. You need to work on your bottom half to stretch a bit wide so that it balances out with your shoulders.